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Communications Consulting

Are you caught in the roiling waters of crisis and controversy . . . struggling with the challenge of producing a comprehensive strategic communications plan . . . in need of additional expertise to successfully complete a single communications project or navigate through an extended period of heightened communications activity?

Whether you require an expert for a single consultation or a long-term relationship, Ed Shiller Communications can work with you to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution.

Ed Shiller Communications excels in:

  • Developing messages and speaking points.
  • Crisis communications consulting.
  • Developing and implementing communications strategies, programs and initiatives.
  • Speechwriting.
  • Writing and producing annual reports, brochures and other documents.
  • Providing the full range of media relations services, including the writing and distribution of news releases, community newspaper columns, trade publication articles, and acting as media spokesperson.
  • Developing and maintaining websites, blogs, Facebook accounts, Twitters and other social media.
  • Developing and implementing community consultation and engagement programs.
  • Political campaigning.


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