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Media Training

Customized and In-House Workshops or Private Sessions for Executives and Spokespersons with Ed Shiller

Ed’s acclaimed media training and coaching delivers the tools to succeed in any type of interview with any reporter. You will learn to develop powerful speaking points and articulate them with poise and confidence, even amid crisis and controversy.

Want to acquire the basics for giving great media interviews, upgrade your skills or prepare for an upcoming media encounter? Ed will develop a training or coaching program suited just for you.

Training Approach and Outcomes

Ed’s training and coaching focuses on the client’s business plans, key publics and newsworthy developments to identify speaking points that will convey the underlying messages the organization wishes to convey.

Ed regards every media interview as an opportunity for spokespersons to communicate with key stakeholders. At the same time, a spokesperson's effectiveness depends as much upon nonverbal communication as on the literal meaning of the spoken word. How something is said - tone of voice, inflection, facial expression, body movement - greatly affects credibility and persuasiveness.

Consequently, Ed Shiller's training program builds upon three main pillars:

  1. Creating the most powerful and appropriate speaking points.
  2. Developing those attitudes and mind sets that will result in the most effective nonverbal communication.
  3. Expressing oneself with confidence, knowledge and credibility in any kind of media interview with any kind of reporter.

The ensuing media coverage will accurately reflect what you want to convey. It will minimize the likelihood that statements will be misrepresented, taken out of context or otherwise distorted. And it will greatly help you and your organization successfully navigate through the perils of crisis and controversy.

Customized Training and Coaching

Ed Shiller will work with you to develop a media training or coaching program that's tailor-made for you and your organization, both as to content and format.

The content can be expanded to include any specific media policies and procedures of your organization. The basics of media interviews can be covered in greater detail for trainees with little or no media experience. Greater emphasis can be placed on simulated video interviews for experienced spokespersons who want to enhance their skills. And the session can focus on any particular issues facing your organization or on the types of media situations that you are likely to encounter.

Fees and Deposits

The standard fee for Media Training and Coaching is:

  • $1,000 plus $200 per person for each half-day session*
  • $1,500 plus $300 per person for each full day full-day session*

*Plus travel and accommodation expenses for sessions outside the Greater Toronto Area.

Fees for extended and other non-standard media training or coaching programs are negotiable.

In addition to the actual training, the fees include working with the client to customize the program, production of a manual for each participant, Ed Shiller’s availability for a post-session telephone consultation, a certificate of completion and a copy of Ed’s latest book, In the Spotlight: The Essential Guide to Giving Great Media Interviews.

There is a reservation deposit of $250 for each half-day session and $500 for each full-day session. The deposit, which is subject to Ed Shiller Communications standard cancellation policy, will be credited towards the final fee.

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