Public Workshops

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Public Workshops

There is no more cost-efficient way to attain your goals and objectives than through dynamic communications.

Ed Shiller's communications workshops will better enable you to reach the people upon whom your well being depends with the right message at the right time.

These interactive workshops are designed for executives, spokespersons and public relations and marketing specialists who deal with the media or are responsible for the development or implemention of communications strategies and programs.

Each workshop is an entertaining and informative experience that will show you the way to significantly improve the effectiveness of your organization's communications activities. You will be stimulated and challenged as part of a small, tight-knit group. The workshops feature extensive discussion and real-life examples, with plenty of individual attention. Everyone has ample opportunity to ask questions and delve deeply into topics of particular interest. You will appreciate how thoroughly your concerns are addressed, your questions are answered and your most pressing communications problems are tackled.

You will take home:

  1. A manual detailing the main points covered by the workshop.
  2. A 290-page book containing comprehensive communications plans and individual initiatives.
  3. Techniques and tips that can be applied immediately.
  4. The confidence and skill needed to be an effective communicator.
  5. A Certificate of Completion.
  6. A free post-workshop telephone consultation with Ed Shiller.

Currently Scheduled Workshops


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